The Australian Subtropical Coffee Association (ASTCA) represents growers, roasters, processors, harvesters, wholesalers and others interested in promoting Australian grown subtropical coffee.  Meetings are held regularly in Lismore. Click here to find out when the next meeting is.

The History

Coffee has been grown in Australia for over 200 years but labour costs involved in harvesting by hand made it an unviable proposition. The resurgence in coffee plantations during the 1980’s and 1990’s can be attributed to the efforts of a few pioneers keen to develop a coffee of quality and the developments in mechanised harvesting.  In recent years Australian grown coffee has continued to gain recognition as the consumption of brewed coffee has increased and the distinctive qualities of Australian coffee have become more broadly recognised. There are two major production regions in Australia – northern New South Wales / subtropical south-east Queensland and tropical north Queensland. The coffee from each region has a distinctly different flavour profile due to their different climate and soil environments.


WHAT’S SO COOL about Australian Subtropical Coffee

  • Australian grown
  • 100% Arabica beans
  • unique flavour profile
  • cool climate
  • low in caffeine
  • no pests and disease
  • free of chemicals and fumigants
  • fresh from the plantation

Australian subtropical coffee is grown in an area stretching between Noosa in the north and Coffs Harbour in the south.  Click on this link to view the map.

Our pristine environment, which is free from pests and diseases affecting coffee and with soil and climate just perfect for growing coffee gives us the ability to grow coffee of superb quality and flavour.

Using natural production systems, we are able to meet community expectations for maintaining a clean environment and producing a pollution free coffee.

The Climate

One of the advantages of growing coffee in the subtropics is the long slow ripening period. Coffees from other regions do not have the benefit of this extended maturation period. The cooler climate and distance from the equator gives our coffee a distinctive character increasingly recognised for its complex flavour profile, medium to low acidity and natural sweetness.