About Us

 What Is ASTCA?

The Australian Subtropical Coffee Association represents the coffee industry in the lush subtropical region from Noosa in the north to Coffs Harbour in the south and centred on the Northern Rivers region of far northern New South Wales.

Our Aims

ASTCA aims to:

  • promote public awareness, increase understanding, taste and consumption of Australian Subtropical Coffee;
  • provide education by disseminating research on processing and preparation;
  • provide a forum for the exchange of information;
  • render services to members and
  • establish a central quality control committee to ensure the best quality of green bean possible.

Download a PDF copy of our constitution here.



A Strategic Plan (2010 to 2014) for the Australian Subtropical Industry was developed in 2009/10 through industry consultation involving the entire supply chain and related educational and tourism organisations. Funding support was provided by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and the Australian Subtropical Coffee Association.

In 2016, the Industry reviewed progress in implementing the objectives, identified particular challenges and set priorities for future action. The seven objectives of the reviewed plan and progress to date are as follows:

  Objective Progress
1 Effective Organization Establish an effective industry organization that will implement the industry strategic plan. Membership is no longer exclusive to growers and now embraces some wider industry interests.Membership meetings are held quarterly. Field days on topics of interest and coffee tasting sessions are held regularly.
2 Profitable Industry Create a united industry and focus it on profitability and competitiveness to increase production and efficiency for the entire supply chain A broader membership chapel has improved intra-industry cooperation and understanding and to a limited extent unified interests.A Growers Manual has been produced to enable growers to increase productivity and efficiency. Entering our product in quality assessment competitions has demonstrated our product’s ability to successfully compete.
3 Innovation & Research Drive innovation and research to underpin the product, industry development and profitability. A beneficial association has been formed with Southern Cross University who have undertaken research to identify the taste characteristics of our product with coffees from other regions.Current research to underpin the attributes of our product are:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions – benefits of inter-row legume crops.
  • Identification of new semi-dwarf, disease resistant cultivars.
4 Environment & Ethics Utilize the natural attributes of the region to drive ethical and environmentally sustainable production of pest and disease-free coffee. ASTCA has agreed to the development of a biosecurity plan- work to commence on this in mid-2016.ASTCA has raised concerns with authorities regarding the control over the disease and pest free status of coffee importation
5 Quality & Integrity Produce high quality and distinctive tasting coffee that engenders consumer confidence in the consistency, quality and integrity of Australian Subtropical Coffee. A number of studies of the attributes of local coffees and how growing and processing methods can affect taste have been undertaken by ASTCA and by Southern Cross University.Local coffees have consistently won awards at the major international coffee competitions over the past 6 years.
6 Australian Subtropical Coffee Establish and promote a regional, national and international identity for Australian Subtropical Coffee. A research project with SCU identified that Australian Subtropical Coffee has definitive taste characteristics and 10-29% less caffeine than imported coffees.
7 Marketing & Promotion Respond to and develop consumer expectations and demand and seek out market opportunities accordingly For the past 4 years, ASTCA has been an active participant in the Sample Fine Food Festival where we have showcased our coffee to thousands of food enthusiasts.



Office Bearers

Our current office bearers are:

President:                   Rebecca Zentveld

Vice-President:           Craig Hayward

Treasurer:                   Jos Webber

Secretary:                   Bernie Rooney

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Australian Subtropical Coffee Association

PO Box 6335,

South Lismore  NSW  2480